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Revelation Chapter 2

The Loveless Church in Ephesus
(Revelation 2:1-7)
I. Christ’s Characteristics to the Loveless Church (v.1)
   A. He that holds the seven stars in His right hand [Master of the messengers to the Churches]
   B. Who walks in the midst of the golden candlesticks [Omnipresent Lord of the Churches]
II. Christ’s Commendation to the Loveless Church (v.2, 3)
A.    I know thy works
B.     I know thy labor
C.     I know thy patience 
D.    I know thou can not bear them which are evil
E.     I know thou has tried them which say they are apostles and are not and has found them liars
F.      I know thou has borne, and had patience
G.    I know thou has labored for My name’s sake
H.    I know thou has not fainted
III. Christ’s Condemnation to the Loveless Church (v.4)
A.    Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee
B.     Because thou has left thy first love
IV. Christ’s Commands to the Loveless Church (v.5)
A.    Remember from whence thou art fallen
B.     Repent
C.     Do the first works
D.    Or else I will come unto thee quickly
E.     And will remove thy candlestick out of thy place
F.      Except thou repent
V. Christ’s Commendation to the Loveless Church (v.6)
   A.  But this thou hast that thou hates the deeds of the Nicolaitans
   B.  Which I also hate
VI. Christ’s Counsel to the Loveless Church (v.7)
A.    He that has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches
B.     To him that overcomes will I give to eat of the tree of life which is in the midst of the paradise of God
The Persecuted Church in Smyrna
(Revelation 2:8-11)
 I. Christ’s Characteristics to the Persecuted Church (v.8) Satan Instigating Persecution
A.    The First and Last [Sovereign of Time]
B.     Which was dead and is alive [Lord of Death/Last Enemy]
II. Christ’s Commendation to the Persecuted Church (v.9)
A.    I know thy works [Efforts, Energy Expended-Ergos]
B.     I know thy tribulation [Thlipsis-Pressure,Trouble, Persecution/Beleiver-38 of 45 times in N.T.]
C.     I know thy poverty [Destitute of Riches]
D.    But thou art rich [In Faith]
E.     I know the blasphemy …Jews [Religious Persecutors]
III. Christ’s Counsel to the Persecuted Church (v.10)
A.    Fear none of those things…you are about to suffer [It’s God’s Plan-He is in complete control]
B.     Behold the devil [Is about to cast some of you into prison-limiting spiritual freedom for a time]
C.     That ye may be tried [Purpose is to perfect your faith-In your patience possess ye your souls-Luke 21:19]
D.    Ye shall have tribulation (10) days [Period predetermined by the Lord!!-It is necessary and good for you]
E.     Be thou faithful unto death [Give God the Maximum Glory with your life!! Be just like Jesus]
F.      I will give thee a crown of life [Give the Max/Die for Me and I will reward thee openly and eternally]
IV. Christ’s Conclusion to the Persecuted Church (v.11)
A.    He that hath an ear [Blessed is the man that endures temptn, for when he is tried he will receive… Js 1:12]
B.     He that overcomes shall not be hurt of the 2nd death [God rewards the one who gets the victory!!]

The Compromising Church in Pergamos
(Revelation 2:12-17)
I. Christ’s Characteristic to the Compromising Church (v.12) Satan Influencing Principles
A.    He which hath the sharp two-edged sword [Word of God-Life or Death-Two Edges]
B.     He which hath the instrument of war/death [Romphia-Used specifically as a killing instrument]
II. Christ’s Commendation of  the Compromising Church (v.13)
A.    I know thy works [Efforts-Energy Expended-Ergos]
B.     Where thou dwells [Difficult Place-Official Seat/Throne of Satan]
C.     Even where Satan’s Seat is [Intense opposition to the Truth-13:2, 16:10]
D.    Thou holds fast My name [Continued to grasp/hang on to the name of the Lord]
E.     Thou hast not denied My faith, even in those days…martyr [Antipas: Against all odds/obstacles]
III. Christ’s Condemnation of  the Compromising Church (v.14,15)
A.    Doctrine of Baalam (Jude 11; II Pet 2:15-Money Motivated)
1.      Stumbling Block [Trap/Bird/Snare]
2.      Eat Sacrifice/Idols [Compromise Num 25:1,2-24k Leaders killed by Moses-Spirit’l Defilement]
3.      Commit Fornication [Played harlot w/daughters/Moab Num 31:16-Physical Defilement]
B.     Doctrine of Nicolaitans [People Conquerors]
1.      Tolerated by some [Breaking of 1st Commandment-Submit to Pressure instead of Principle]
2.      Compromise w/religious culture [Beginning of Priest/People/Roman Catholic Prototype]
IV. Christ’s Command to the Compromising Church (v.16)
A.    Repent: *Recognize Sin against Holy God  *Confession/Contrition/Cleansing  *Return to the Lord
B.     Or Else: *I will come unto thee quickly and will fight against them with the Sword of My Mouth!
V.  Christ’s Counsel to the Compromising Church (v.17)
A.    He that hath an ear [Warning: 13:9, Mt 11:15]
B.     He that overcomes [Promise/Reward]
1.      Give to eat of the hidden manna [Eternal Provision s/a Ex 16:4ff Manna/Ark]
2.      Give white stone [Special Vote/Opportunity for Reward]
3.      Give new name [Fitting of the Faithful/Victorious]

The Divided Church in Thyatira
(Revelation 2:18-29)
I. Christ’s Characteristics to the Divided Church (v.18)-Satan Intervening Person
   A. His Title: Son of God [Only time in Revelation]
   B. His Eyes as a Flame of Fire [Righteous Judge]
   C. His Feet like Fine Brass [Picture of Judgment-Holy One/Israel]
II. Christ’s Commendation to the Divided Church (v.19)
A.    I know thy works [Energy Expended-Efforts-Ergos]
B.     I know thy charity [Mental Attitude]
C.     I know thy service [Ministry to others]
D.    I know thy faith [Faithfulness/Dependability]
E.     I know thy patience [Enduring under pressure]
III. Christ’s Condemnation of the Divided Church (v.20) [Most Lengthy and Severe]
A.    Defilement:  Thou suffers that woman Jezebel [Wicked Usurping Baal Worshipping Murderess/Whore]
1.      Teach: To instruct, instill doctrine
2.      Seduce: Servants to commit fornication [Physical Defilement]  Deceive, beguile, lead astray
3.      Seduce: Servants to eat things offered to idols [Spiritual Defilement]
B.     Doctrine Devils False (v.20, 24)
C.     Depths of Satan (v.24)
IV. Christ’s Correction/Call to the Divided Church (v.23)
A.    Gave her space to repent [Certain Season of Time]
B.     Behold, I will cast her into a bed [Warning of Dire Physical Consequences]
C.     I will kill her children w/death [Warning of Dire Spiritual Consequences]
D.    I will give everyone according to their works [Warning of Dire Eternal Consequences]
V. Christ’s Counsel to the Divided Church (v.24-28)
A.    I will put none other burden upon you [No other heaviness, weight to carry]
B.     Hold fast till I come [Grasp, cling, cleave to the Truth/Christ] Near/Far Application
VI. Christ’s Conclusion to the Divided Church (v.29)
A.    He that overcomes and keeps My works unto the end [Reward=Millennium Blessings]
B.     He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit saith/churches [Spirit speaks to those to whom it is given]

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Revelation Chapter 1

Revelation Chapter One
The Prologue
I. The Revelation’s Introduction (v.1-3)
A.    The Revelation Designated (v.1)
1.      Source: Given by God unto Jesus Christ (v.1a)
2.      Purpose: To show unto His servants things which must shortly come to pass (v.1b)
3.      Method of Delivery: Sent and signified by His angel (v.1c, 22:6, 16)
4.      Revelator: Unto His servant John (v.1d)
B.     The Revelator’s Duty (v.2)
1.      To Bare Record of the Word of God (v.2a)
2.      To Bare Record of the Testimony of Jesus Christ (v.2b)
3.      To Bare Record of All Things that He Saw (v.2c)
C.     The Revelation’s Blessing (v.3)
1.      Blessed is he that reads (v.3a)
2.      Blessed are they that hear the Words of this prophecy (v.3b)
3.      Blessed are they that keep those things which are written therein (v.3c)
II. The Revelation’s Design (v.4-6)
A.    Send To: The Seven Churches which are in Asia (v.4a; 22:6, 16)
                 1. Greeting: Grace be unto you and peace (v.4b)
 2. Sender: From Him Which is and Which was and Which is to come (v.4c)
                  From the Seven Spirits which are before His Throne (v.4d)
                                  From Jesus Christ…to Him be glory and dominion for ever and ever (v.5, 6)
                 3. Focal Point of Christ’s Ministry: Loved Us, Washed Us/Blood, Made Us Kingdom/Priests
B.     The Revelation’s Primary Message (v.7, 8)
1. The 2nd Coming of Christ (v.7, Dn 7:13; Mt 24:30; Mk 13:26; Lk 21:27; Acts 1:9; I Th 4:17)
2. The Alpha & Omega, The Beginning and The Ending/The Lord/The Almighty! (v.8)
III. The Revelation (Unveiling) of the Glorified Lord Jesus Christ (1st Vision) (v.9-20)
A.      Recorded By:  John…your (exiled) brother and companion in tribulation…(v.9a)
B.      Place: Isle of Patmos (v.9b)
C.      Purpose of Exile: For the Word of God and for the Testimony of Jesus Christ (v.9c)
D.      John’s Experience: In the Spirit on the Lord’s Day
1.      He Heard:  A Great Voice as of a Trumpet (v.10)
2.      He Heard: The Lord’s Command: What thou seest write in a book/send/Seven Churches (v.11)
3.      He Saw: The Seven Golden Candlesticks (v.12)
4.      He Saw: The Vision of The Glorified Lord Jesus Christ (v.13-16) [Daniel 10:5-9]
a.       One like unto the Son of man
b.      Clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps w/a golden girdle
c.       His head and His hairs were white like wool, as white as snow
d.      His eyes were as a flame of fire
e.       His feet like unto fine brass as if they burned in a furnace
f.       His voice as the sound of many waters
g.      He had in His right hand Seven Stars
h.      And out of His mouth went a sharp Two-edged Sword
j.        His countenance was as the sun shines in his strength
4.      His Reaction: And when I saw Him I fell at His feet as dead (v.17a) [Daniel 10:9]
5.      The Lord’s Response/Reply: He laid His right hand upon me, saying unto me, Fear not (v.17b, 18)
6.      The Lord’s Command: Write: The things which thou hast seen (v.19a) (Revelation Chapter 1)
                                                                       The things which are (v.19b) (Revelation Chapter 2, 3)
                                                                       The things which shall be hereafter (v.19c) (Revelation 4-22)
D.    The Lord’s Explanation (v.20)
1.      The Mystery of the Seven Stars: The Angels (Messengers/Ministers) of the Seven Churches
2.      The Mystery of the Seven Golden Candlesticks : The Seven Churches

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